Sunday, December 27, 2009


That's right we have been overwhelmed by Government, Translink (with an appointed board instead of elected officials) and all who told us they could not interfere, THEY COULD! HERE IS WHY-READ OUR LETTER BELOW.

Premier Campbell,

Further to our letter of December 24, 2009 we have since found new
information that states Translink, now a creature of your
making, has had the legal ability to make alternative arrangements to resume
full service of HandyDART.

Article 11.1 of the contract clearly states:
"If the Service Provider or its employees fail in the due performance of any
part of this Agreement, Translink may make such arrangements as are
considered necessary to provide the Services that are the subject of this
All the main elements of the service are ready in place, like professional
drivers, professional schedulers and other office support staff, road
supervisors, trainers, Translink's own HandyDART buses and $1.00/year
leaseholds. Translink can make any necessary arrangement with these main
elements to provide the full service according the contract. Not much left,
but the rest is up to Translink's agent, Coast Mountain Bus Company Ltd.,
appointed in article 8.5 of the contract "to administer the Operating
Agreement on behalf of Translink and to perform all obligations of Translink
under the Operating Agreement". The buses will be on the road in a few days
resuming full service."

Clearly as the maker of this new Translink, you can instruct Translink to
stop taking sides, dismiss the MVT Canada Bus Co. Inc., and implement
Article 11 of the contract. In this way you can alleviate the present
suffering of thousands of people who must use HandyDART.

We reserve the right to CC.

Elizabeth and John Beeching
Two HandyDART users

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