Saturday, April 3, 2010

NATO to supplant The United nations?

The Harper Minority Government Supports NATO Plan to Supplant the United Nations.

"Turning NATO from an aggressive imperialist military alliance with a record for launching illegal wars, into a benign international force for good is a stretch. Undaunted, the group [USA, EU and Canada] of experts simply appropriated the U.N. model and are busily refashioning NATO in its image."

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Friday, April 2, 2010

HandyDART becomes a cash cow

MVT Canadian Bus Inc., have confirmed on their web site our assertion that Translink, Campbell appointed, have opened the door all across Canada to this and other American firms thanks to the Free Trade Agreement.

A visit to their site reveals the proof. In the first paragraph headed "HandyDART service in Metro Vancouver" you will find the following sentence, "We will provide these services to both public and private agencies nationwide." Now THAT is counting their chickens before they are hatched! To our knowledge the Metro Vancouver contract is the only Canadian contract they have. They clearly are looking to the future of huge profits to be sent to their parent firm in the USA.